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WitchBlade by FoxesCosplay WitchBlade by FoxesCosplay

When I first contemplated making this costume I was admittedly lost. To make something look like metal crawling up your body was an immense task, not to mention in the way her outfit holds her bits in.

My first thought was to sculpt it from clay and pour something flexible and paintable into in. I tried silicone first… that was a stumbling block, silicone isn’t paintable and needs oil based clay. I moved on to liquid latex after thinking about it for a while. IT WORKED!!!

So all the pieces you see and there’s 14 here, are made by first sculpting out of oil based clay then filled with liquid latex, the latex would need to set for about a week for the big pieces (I needed my patient pants on for this!!). I then painted them one by one, I thought I would spray paint them first in silver but spray paint and liquid latex aren’t friends, it cracked and looked horrible. So all the paint you see is all acrylic paint, also sealing the paint is very important. I used a high gloss acrylic varnish I got at Michael’s.

I then attached everything to a base bra and undies with contact cement and a bit of super glue. I cut into the bra to make it more organic looking and curled them with worbla on the points. I also glued nipple pasties into the bra so the girls would stay in place all day and not budge, that worked beautifully!!! Also one of the best decisions I made was using padded undies, they curved in to look like the bum piece was forming around my rump.  

So all and all it took nine months to make. This was my first cosplay I have ever made other than a Poison Ivy cosplay. I am not a pro but I was happy with it and I wanted to show off my hard work so I entered to costume contest at my local Expo this year. I signed up for the novice category (The specifications were that you have never won anything from a costume contest). I also entered the craftsmanship category as well cuz why not.

I don’t remember a lot about the contest to be honest I am not good with a lot of attention and public events. So when they called my name I was on autopilot, I got on stage again and stood with the other winners. The girl next to me that I had been talking to looked at what I had in my hand and said “I think you won money” I looked down and yep! I won money and the certificate I was holding was for journeyman craftsmanship award.  They way were lined up outside the room I couldn’t hear what awards were being called out. The judges decided to award me the second best prize; I guess they thought I earned it. I was SUPER surprized!!

Pro tip: Do NOT put plastic wrap down as a barrier to the contact cement and your skin..cement burns happen.
Welovecolorscosplay Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2016  Professional Artist
Fantastic work!
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